Extended Warranty Coverage

We offer extended warranty coverage through the GWC Warranty that is effective anywhere in the USA or Canada. GWC Warranty is one of the oldest and most established companies in the warranty business, and is exclusively used by most new car auto dealerships for their extended warranty programs. GWC Warranty is also the only warranty company recommended by the NIADA (National Independent Auto Dealers Association).

Repairs can be costly and unexpected. Most people don't realize how much a mechanical breakdown could cost them.

GWC Warranty

The costs of repairs tend to increase each year, but with a vehicle protection plan you are protecting yourself from unexpected repair costs that may result in significant out-of-pocket expense. The future cost of even one unexpected repair may easily exceed the cost of buying a GWC Vehicle Protection Plan.

GWC Warranty



All internally lubricated parts, Camshaft and Bearings, Connecting Rods and Bearings, Crankshafts and Bearings, Cylinder block, Main bearings, Distributor shaft, Exhaust manifold, Intake manifold, Oil pump and Gears Pick-up screen, Pistons, Piston rings, Wrist pins, Timing chain and Gears, Timing belt, Cylinder heads, Exhaust valves, Valve springs and Retainers, Push rods, Rocker arms and Shafts, Hydraulic and Soft lifters.

Seals and Gaskets

Cylinder head gaskets and intake manifold gaskets are covered. All other seals and gaskets are covered as a result of a covered repair.


Automatic - All internally lubricated parts, Case, Torque Converter, Lock-up converter, Gears and shafts, Bearings, Bushings, Bands, Clutch plates, Friction and steel drums, Pump, Servo unit, Valve body and plate, Governor.

Manual - All internally lubricated parts, Case, Bearings, Bushings, Gears, Shafts, Synchronizers, Spacers, Main drive gear, Main shaft, Shift forks, Synchronizer drums, Overdrive housing.(Exclusions are Clutch, Pressure Plate, throwout bearing, linkage, cables, shifter, electronic switches, solenoids, and clutch slave cylinders.)

Four (4) Wheel Drive and all Wheel Drive

All internally lubricated parts, Transfer case, Bearings, Bushings, Chains, Gears, Sleeves, and Sprockets.

Drive Axle

All internally lubricated parts, Dive axle housing, Ring and pinion gears, Spider gears, Side gears, Bearings, Bushings, Spacers, Yokes, Axle shafts, Driveshafts, Carrier Bearing, Universal joints, CV Joints(Provided the boots are not torn or damaged).(Exclusions are CV joint boots, locking hubs, and wheel hubs).


Labor charges shall be based on the current Motor?s Labor Guide and rates shall be within accepted industry standards. Diagnostics are covered only in conjunction with a stated component repair up to one (1) hour labor. Roadside Assistance is NOT AVAILABLE.


Reimbursement up to $50.00 per covered breakdown.


* includes Powertrain, plus the following

Air Conditioning

(OEM EQUIPMENT ONLY) Accumulator, Compressor, Clutch, Clutch bearing, Condenser, Dryer/Receiver, Evaporator. (Exclusions are component failure due to contamination of the specified manufactured refrigeration oil, recharge and evacuation of system, A/C system conversion from Freon to other chemicals and any retrofit process).

Non ABS & ABS Brakes

All internally lubricated parts of the hydraulic system including the Master cylinder, Vacuum power assist booster and valve, Disc brake calipers, Wheel cylinders, Steel brake lines and Hoses. Exclusions are: Linings, Rotors, Pads, Drums, Hardware and any component failure due to fluid contamination.

ABS related components Electronic control processor, Pressure modulator valve, Isolation Dump valve, Accumulator, Wheel speed sensors, Hydraulic pump and Motor assembly. Exclusions Are: Linings, Rotors, Pads, Drums, Hardware and any component failure due to fluid contamination.


Radiator, Water pump, Thermostat, Electronic radiator fan, Fan and Clutch, Coolant recovery container. Exclusions are Belts, Hoses, Heater core, Blower motors, and Electronic switches.


Alternator, Electric horn, Front wiper motor, Rear wiper motor, Rear defroster switch, Starter motor, Starter drive assembly, Starter solenoid, and Voltage regulator.

HI-TECH Electrical

Power antenna motor, Power door lock actuators and switches, Power mirror motors and switches, Power seat motors and switches, Power sunroof motor, Power convertible top motor, Power window motors and switches, regulators, Electronic ignition module, and Fuel pump.


Any fluids required as a result of a covered repair. Exclusions are Air Conditioning refrigerant, Filters, Oil additives.


Power steering pump, Rack and pinion, Steering gear box.


Upper and lower control arms, Upper and lower ball joints, Leaf and coil springs (only if broken), Wheel Bearings, and Spindles.

Turbo / Supercharger

(OEM Equipment Only). All internally lubricated parts, Housing, Wastegate, Vanes, Shafts, and Bearings. (Surcharge applies).


In the event that a mechanical breakdown of a covered component requires labor in excess of eight (8) hours, you are reimbursed up to $25.00 per day for a maximum of four (4) days. (Exclusions are delays caused by unavailability of parts, shipping, and shop schedules).

24/7 Roadside Assistance and Towing

Comprehensive Coverage *

* includes Powertrain, Standard, plus the following

Enhanced Cooling

Heater core.

Enhanced Electrical

Power trunk release, Neutral safety switch, Stop lamp brake switch, Washer fluid pump.

Enhanced Engine

Engine mounts, Timing belt tensioner, Timing and valve covers, (only as a result of a covered component failure), Transmission mounts, Flywheel, Flex plate.

Fuel System

Injectors, metering valve, fuel pumps, lines and fittings, Fuel gauge sending unit, Fuel tank (only as a result of corrosion).


Hood latch and cable, Door locks, handles, hinges, Trunk lock and hinges, Seat adjuster, springs, Washer fluid exit port, Glove box lock.

Sensor Package

Oxygen, Mass air flow (MAF), Manifold absolute pressure (MAP), Available up to 100,000 miles only. Optional on Standard with surcharge.


*GWC - GWC Warranty

Q: Will the plan save me money?

A: With today’s advanced technology, repair costs have increased and will continue to do so. The costs of even one repair may easily exceed the cost of buying a GWC protection plan. No one can predict the future, but you will be protected from covered repair costs caused by unexpected mechanical breakdowns.

Q: Do I really need a service contract?

A: As a vehicle ages and accrues mileage, the chances of having a mechanical failure increase. Your GWC protection plan will be there when you need it most — once the manufacturer’s basic warranty is no longer there to protect you.

Q: Is the plan transferable if I decide to sell my vehicle before the coverage ends?

A: Absolutely. Unlike many other plans, you can transfer your coverage to the next owner. This will help you get the highest possible resale value, because the next owner will know that they are protected from unexpected high repair costs.

Q: When does my coverage start?

A: For used vehicles, coverage begins day one / mile one, meaning you are fully protected against covered repair costs the day you take possession of your vehicle.

Q: Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

A: Repairs can be made at the repair facility of your choice. We’ll even help you locate a preferred provider if you have a breakdown while travelling. Your plan grants you access to thousands of repair facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Q: How do I file a claim for a covered repair?

A: Just take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility or utilize your plan’s towing benefit. Instruct the repair shop to contact GWC and we’ll authorize and pay for the covered repair directly.

Q: When do I have to buy?

A: For used vehicles, you must purchase the plan the same day you purchase your vehicle. However, it’s always less expensive to buy a plan when you have fewer miles on your vehicle. The price for protection increases as your vehicle ages and accrues mileage, and as parts and labor prices increase. As a result, it’s recommended that you purchase the protection with your vehicle so that you can lock-in your coverage costs now. This valuable protection can even be included in your monthly loan payment.

Q: Can I purchase a contract directly from GWC?

A: GWC distributes vehicle protection plans exclusively through authorized dealerships throughout the United States. We do not sell directly to the public. To buy vehicle protection plans please contact A&A Quality Services Inc at 718-444-8183.

Q: How do I know if my contract is active?

A: Once we have received and accepted your contract application and payment from your dealer, we will issue and mail you an ID card. You’ll want to keep this card with you in case you have problems while on the road.